Age group: 1st to 5th grade
Time and place: 
Teacher: Margo Metsoja
Tuition and course duration:

168€ for an academic year / 8 x 21€
1 lesson per week, 45 minutes / 30 lessons per academic year

The goal of the hobby group is to introduce the field of robotics to the children. The participants will make acquaintance with different robots: Lego WeDo, Spike Prime, EV3, CodeyRocky, Sphero etc. The students will try out programming with Scratch and can program their own computer games. Students will imporve their technology skills, logical thinking and problem solving and working to achive a common goal with modern technology.

We accept applications in the Tartu educational services management system ARNO,
You can log in to the environment with an ID card, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or via a bank link.

To submit an application for an interest group, select "My children" and then "Application for an interest school". Make sure you are on the 2021/2022 academic year page.
By selecting HuviTERA from the drop-down menu in the “Hobby School” application form, you will see the options for all groups (hobby groups) based on your child’s age.
A separate application must be made for each interest.

Important - after submitting the application, a link will be sent to your e-mail to confirm the e-mail at Arnos. After confirming the e-mail, you can review and then confirm the hobby school agreement.

When choosing a hobby group, be sure to keep an eye on the place (LõunaTERA, TäheTERA, ProTERA).

We will confirm the registration when the selected round group is filled!

More information about hobbies, teachers and tuition fees can be found on the HuviTERA website.

We will publish the lesson plan on the website at the beginning of September at the latest. We will send the exact group information by e-mail to all registrants.
If the suggested time does not suit the child, we will try to find another group's time if possible.